Monday, September 1, 2014

You Complete Me -- Happy 8th Birthday Twinster

That day when you were happily dancing in the rain..
You reminded me how to always have fun in every stage of life..

Dear twinster..
Please be informed that you complete my motherhood.
Your existence right when you were there in my tummy, just raise my strength level by level..

The worries I had when I knew I was carrying twins, gone in a snap just when I saw you grew inside of me..

All the pain when I delivered you, it was just your way to make me a stronger mother.

It is you who's teaching me about patience.
It is you who's teaching me about wisdom.
It is you who's teaching me about being well-organized.
Most of all.. it is you who's teaching me about life.

Happy 8th birthday my twinster Marshall and Marvell.. Syafiq and Syauqi..
You have to know that my love for you will never end..
My love for you will always grow..
And no matter what you do.. what you'll become.. what you'll achieve..
Mommy and Pa will always be proud of you.. no matter what!

Keep rising and glowing my sons.. for I will always be by your side. Always.

Nobody perfectly loving you than your Mommy and Pa..

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