Thursday, December 19, 2013

Letter to Cheer You Up, My Husband

I'm not writing this to make you strong towards what you're facing now. Because I know you're strong already. You have me. You have 4 funtastic kids. You have us.. your treasure who will never leave and betray you.

I'm writing this just to make you smile. To get you back on the track to put more effort for things more more more important than the clown you're facing.
You got someone backstabbing you? I know you didn't feel a thing.. it was just an itchiness on your back. Not even a scratch. Because you're strong. Because that backstabber is a fool who think can let you down.

I love you.
That means I love your dreams.
That means i support you doing your thing with your passion.
That means I'm your Xena the Warrior Princess to kick away the bad guy. Whoaaa!!

Nobody said doing the right thing is easy peasy.
But by doing the right thing, the good things always happened. You're the perfect example. You taught that to us. what you are now is the result of all the good things you've done.

Keep doing the right thing. The lil dirt you have on your front car glass, will be away in a second once you turned on the wiper.

Keep on smiling and shining.

~Love always,
Your wife


  1. So sweet...Indahnya kalo semua istri kayak mba Yonna...Happy for you both !


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