Monday, September 16, 2013

Keyakinan Big Mommy

Monday Nite, 10.11 PM
Period Day 1

Lagi berusaha fokus di depan MacYo.. Di kamar tidur.
Dan masih.. sampai hari ini masih kruntelan dengan 4 anak tidurnya krn AC di kamar mereka masih rusak.

Ngeliatin satu per satu wajah mereka.
Ingat hari ini mereka bikin gue ketawa, marah, kesel, senyum, ketawa lagi, bangga..
Ngeliat lagi wajah mereka..
Dan tiba-tiba keyakinan ini muncul di dalam hati gue..

Gue yakin banget Allah akan mengizinkan Melvyn, Marshall, Marvell, dan Mayra Najmah untuk menjadi khalifah yang sukses. Amin.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Letters for Both of You: Happy 7th Birthday, Twinsters..

God has chosen me and your Pa to have you on this world.
The best parents for the best twins.
The best fighters for the best treasures..

All the difficulties I had when I carried you in me... When I gave birth to you..
Just made two of you shining even brighter and brighter..
Having both of you really bring us to another higher parenthood level.
You gave me another motherhood dimension. Another unforgettable lessons.
I always get brand new life lessons ever since I had both of you..

You complete my life..
You complete me with love, laughter, happiness, madness, nerves..
Keep teaching me to be a better mother..
Keep giving me your wonderful smile..
Nobody can give you the best prayers on your birthday than a mother..
And I've said all the best ones for you to Allah, my dearests..

I'm sure you'll be a great persons in your future. Just as great as your names..

Marshall Syafiq Rafif Kairupan..
Keep standing for the right thing in your life like you do now..
Mommy know you'll always fight for your truth.. You're the Marshall in the family..

Keep on being a very lovable person.. Keep on showering me and your family and the people around you with your love and affection... as your name Syafiq stands for..

I'm sure you'll be the man with best attitude in your life.. as you're carrying your name Rafif..

Marvell Syauqi Rosyad Kairupan..
Ever since you were born, you never get failed in drawing people's attention. People fall in love with you easily.. It's always easy for you to get along with people.. coz you've been so marvellous..

You always leave us with smile and laughter.. Your presence always been missed by your family and friends.. And that's shown from your name Syauqi

In 7 years of you life... most of the time you've been a kid with good personality. You know what you want. You do know how to talk things to me. You know how to direct your siblings. You're the little boy with good simply advises.. And that is what your name Rosyad stands for..

Just like your twins.. I'm sure you'll be a man with good attitude because you'll miss or always try to find the right guidance for your life.. like Syauqi Rosyad means altogether..

Never can stop my tears everytime I sent prayers for both of you..

P.S: cerita saat melahirkan kembar ada disini

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