Wednesday, November 2, 2011

..Only For Me..

This little man..
He always make my heart pounding.
Always make me jump back to the time when I was young and in love with his father..
*eiittss...sekarang juga masih muda sik..dan masih in love buanget with his father*
Don't I mention Marvell here?

Yup.. this little man is my Marvell..
Tiap kali Big Mommy abis negur dia..
He always come to me and said.. "I'm sorry, my love"
Tiap kali Big Mommy upset atau sedih..
He'll come to me and said "I love you very much, my love" or "see you later, my love"
Everytime I get dressed..
He'll look at me and say "you look sooo pretty, mom"
Everytime I ask him to kiss me..
He'll kiss my cheek with a very deep feeling..
Tau kan yaaa nge-kiss your cheek dengan feeling? soft..and then smile..
Aaaawww....dia membuat Big Mommy berbunga-bunga..
Tiap kali mau pergi sekolah..dikala krucil lain cuman cium tangan biasa..
This little man will take my hand..lalu mengecup punggung tangan gw..
This little man... He's only 5 years old.. :))

He makes my heart beats faster..and faster..
And suddenly stop by the time his lovely husband said.. "gimana nanti kalau punya cewek ya?"

I want all the sweetest things he does...only for me and just for Big Mommy..
Yes.. I'm a selfish mother..
Or...depends on what I'll do in the won't let any girls come around may call me a PsychoMommy.. :)))

For the time being...let me enjoy this moment..

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