Sunday, December 28, 2014

Clock is Ticking

We have this new clock hanging on the wall. It took me 1 second just to decide to buy it. Because I need it. Didn't consider about the size, etc.

Melv: wow.. bagus ma jamnya..
Marsh: *no comment*
Najmah: I like it, mommy

Then came the 3rd kid. Who had the same opinion as me when seeing that thing on the wall:

Marvell: "Ahahahahaha... it's funny mom! That clock is too small for the big wall!! "

Si Entong (Harus) Kerja

Punya anak banyak, membuat saya dan suami punya 'gaya' tersendiri dalam mendidik anak-anak kami. Sejak kecil kami nggak membiasak...