Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Between Life and Death: Happy Bday, Son..

Yes it was..
It was really between life and death when I gave birth of you. The full story is here
But it was sooo worthed compared to what came to my world afterwards.
My son with smart brain. Good-looking. Talented. You almost can do everything. Almost :P
You are our first treasure. The second great creatures that I fell in love with.
You messed my head with huge yearning everytime I went off to work.

You were my first trial and error for my parenting. My motherhood. But you.. it was always you who made those trials came out with success. It was never me, son...

Now.. today.. you're having your 12th birthday. And after all those 12 years.. I never forget every cherish moments we had.

I know I have a great son when you said to me this morning...
"I just want your prayers, ma.. so that I can go to Public School for my Junior High so you don't have to spend much money"..

All I can replied was "amiin.. I love you, Son.. and I'm sorry if I was too hard on you" and held back my tears..

I hope Allah will always guide and protect you, my dear Melvyn..
Keep shining and glowing in your life..
Always be grateful for what you have..
Be humble always as Allah is always there to guide you..

Happy birthday, Son..
And I will make sure you'll read this.

Lotsa love,

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