Friday, May 23, 2014

Mothers are the Best Actors

Here's another thing that man can hardly do. Being the actor for the kids.

Days without husband is never an easy ones.
Now I know what my mother felt.
What she struggled in her youth with her 4 kids.

I myself is not a kind of person who can do long distance relationship. My dear husband and I never been apart for a very long time.

He spoiled me from the very first time we met.
He adores me for every single inch of my body.
He pours me with his love and tenderness.
Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day.

He's doing the same with our kids.
And for that all of our kids fall in love with him.

And now he's not around.
It's not easy for the kids.
It's not easy for me. Never.
I cry outloud. But only can do it in the inside.
I have to be strong for the kids.
I have to share my laughter for the kids.
I have to cheer them up.
I have to make them laugh.
I have to make them feel safe with me. Their mother.
I have to do that. For my kids.

You can say I'm exaggerated.  Say what you want to say.
But I guarantee you'll feel the same way if you have a husband like mine.

I put my happy mask on.
I put my iron woman uniform.
I read my script carefully. Script of playing my role as a mother.
And be the best actor in this situation for the kids.

Oh heaven yeah..
Mothers all around the world are the best actors.
For every single circumstances.
And my greatest respect to all single mother in the world. You're the top of the list of best mothers.

I miss you, my husband.

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